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I miss u . .
Thursday, 1 November 2012 03:03 ‚ô• 0 Atashinci(s)

hyepzz !! allss .. :)
knape dy x de msj axue.. ?
dha 5 hri dy x msj axue... axue rndue dy sgt2 ..
axue coll dy x jwb pun ...
ape slh axue kat dy ?
axue stiap mlm tringat kat dy ..
tpy axue x taw dy ingt axue atw pun x ....
axue ingt lgy jnjy dy kat axue , dy x kan tggl an axue bwt slame2 nye ... :'(
dy na hbungan axue dgn dy still kekal , smpy bile2...
axue sayang dy lgi ..
tpy skarg axue x taw dy sayang ka axue lgy ew x ...
axue sdih sgt , time axue coll dy n msj dy , dy x jwb pun ,,
time msj , dy x reply pun ..
knape skarg dy mcm niew .?
axue ingt lagi blan 11 niew , dy kate , dy na jmpe axue , (11/11/2012)
tpi knpa skrg niew dy tibe2 bwt hal ....
slmew dy dgn axue x penah pun bwt hal ...
axue pcaye dy stye dgn axue n axue pcye dy sayang kan axue ..
axue x na khilgn dy ...
axue dha 2 kaly jmpe dy ...
kaly niew axue btul2 sayang kn dy ....
knape dy bwt axue mcm niew ..?
sblom dy knl axue dy lha yg first msj axue dlue ..
time dy dha cple dgn axue , dy jrang msj axue ,,,
axue yg first msj dy dluee ..
tpy axue x taw knpa dy mcm tuh...
dy dha brubah ..
ape axue dha bwt kat dy ...smpy kan dy dha x na reply msj axue lgi ?
axue sdihh sgt2 ..
dha 5 hary dy x msj axue ... n dha 5 hry jgax axue mnages kerna dy ..
wlaupun dy x mcm laky len , tpy dy okee bgy axue ,...
dy pnoh dgn kaseh syag trhadap axue..
dy byase2 jerx owg nye..
tp axue ttap syg kan dy ..
knpe tibe msok bulan 11 axue jdix yg suke mnanges styap hry ..?
axue x taw lha knpe llaky skew sgt mmpermaen an prasaan pompan ..
tpy axue pcaye ... si dy x kan permaen kan axue..
axue sayaang dy sangat2..
axue dha bjanjy dgn dy yg axue x kan tggal kan dy ..
axue x na mungkir jnjy trhadap dye...
mate axue dha nek bengkak menanges kerna dy . :'(
styap mlm axue ingat kan dy ..
axue slalu tgok fhon axue , yg dy ade x msj axue ke x ... tpy axue tgok x de pun ..
axue ttap x nak khilangn dy ..
n axue ttap sayang kan dy smpy bile2. .
:'( ...
axue hrap dy akn reply msj axue..

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